Sunday, June 19, 2011

jealousy: ur success keeps bothering me..

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and Merciful..

My post for today is a little bit funky.. It seems to be a part of my confession. Have a nice day reading it. BUT DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.. 

Looking at people’s success and victory, the word of jealousy suddenly comes to my heart. Yup! I admit it. I feel jealous with all of these stuffs. With the life they went through, with the things that they had achieved, and with anything that always be in their sides whatever they do. These kind of stuffs always keep bothering me. 

Just to let know, being jealous is not a sin, but when it getting worst, it might cause a chaos to anybody and can ruin someone's life. Sincerely, being jealous is hurting me.. hurting my soul. I hate to feel this kind of emotion.  Am I horrible right? 

Do not worry. Jealousy is a normal thing that happens to those who want to be good such as the great people always had in their life. It does not mean that I will giving up at this moment. But when it reaches the level that I eventually need to give up myself, it never ever shows that I am a weak person, but it just means that I am strong enough to let the thing goes.

One day, I will make sure that I will definitely be at your place although I need to face a lot of circumstances. It just I SHOULD never expect, demand or assume, I SHOULD know my limit, my role and where i stand, AND BY DOING THAT, I won't get affected, get jealous or get paranoid. Just be yourself right then. I am who I am.. T_T


this mode of  jealousy came after looking one by one of the pictures of my successful friends in overseas.

p/s: sebenarnya sedang berlatih nak speaking dan menulis semula ayat dalam Bahasa English memandangkan akan mula mengajar tuisyen Bahasa English tak lama lagi sebagai part time work sambil-sambil menjalankan gerak kerja Islam di kampus. Dan sudah ternyata, ayat ku tunggang terbalik.. huhu.. memang sah bakal guru Bahasa English yang porak peranda.. Nanti keluar pulak bunyi Jawa.. I had lost my skill in speaking... Aigoo.. ^_^

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